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Gluing Crew Leader

Lead workers in gluing and assembling veneer sheets into plywood panels.

What does a Gluing Crew Leader do?

Leads workers in gluing, assembling, and pressing veneer sheets into plywood panels, and tends glue mixing tanks: Reads work order to determine quantity, type, and dimensions of veneer sheets needed. Notifies INDUSTRIAL-TRUCK OPERATOR 921.683-050 to deliver veneer sheets from storage to gluing area. Observes glue application and panel layering, pressing, and conveying processes to maintain establishment specifications. Assists GLUING-MACHINE OPERATOR, ELECTRONIC 569.685-050, using wrenches and handtools, in replacement of forms that shape panels to customer specifications. Notifies MAINTENANCE REPAIRER, INDUSTRIAL 899.261-014 of machine malfunctions. Dumps measured dry ingredients into glue mixing tanks. Turns valves to admit specified amounts of liquid ingredients and presses button to begin agitators that automatically mix ingredients into glue.