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Apply glue to surfaces of wooden pieces and clamp them together.

What does a Gluer do?

Applies glue to surfaces of wooden pieces and clamps them together to form larger pieces or complete units, such as panels, tub bottoms, and tennis rackets: Spreads glue on surfaces to be joined, using brush or hand roller, or by drawing wood across roller partially submerged in glue. Assembles and aligns pieces, and fastens them together until glue dries, using bar clamps, hand clamps, vise, or radial-arm clamp carrier. Presses pedal when using clamp carrier to move racks containing clamped units around frame of device and back to working position. May reinforce joints with nails, screws, or brads, using handtools. May mix glue. May be designated according to type of clamping device used as Clamp-Carrier Operator. May be designated according to product as Box Gluer; Panel Maker.