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Glued Wood Tester

Conduct tests to determine quality and strength of glued wood products.

What does a Glued Wood Tester do?

Conducts laboratory tests to determine quality and strength of glued wood products, utilizing knowledge of wood species and glue: Soaks plywood in water for specified time and removes plywood from water to air dry, repeating procedure until glued plywood separates to determine soaking effect upon glue. Glues samples of wood together, places samples in oven, and increases temperature at specified intervals until glued samples break apart to determine heat effect upon glue. Tests tensile strength of glue, using pneumatic testing device to pull glued blocks apart. Determines moisture content of wood by weighing sample before and after baking in electric oven. Compiles test data and records results. Examines and measures stock in various stages of production to detect variations from standards. Prepares graphs and charts to show trends in waste of material and substandard lumber.