Glue Mixer

Tend agitator tanks that mix ingredients to produce chemical compounds.

What does a Glue Mixer do?

Tends agitator tanks that mix ingredients to produce chemical compounds, such as sealants, adhesives, fillers, and linoleum paste: Weighs and measures ingredients, such as casein, clay, flour, glue powder and gelatin, lignin, resins, and liquid catalysts or water, following prescribed formula, and dumps, pours, pumps, or scoops ingredients into machine, tank, or kettle. Pushes button to start agitators that blend ingredients. Observes mixing process and adds ingredients according to specifications. Manipulates controls to drain mixture from tanks or kettles. May draw product sample for laboratory analysis. May cook mixture, using steam-jacketed kettle. May manually mix compounds. May mark identifying information on containers. May record amount of product mixed. May be designated according to product mixed as Sealant Mixer.