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Glue Mill Operator

Tend line of mills and conveyors to break, sift, and package dry glues.

What does a Glue Mill Operator do?

Tends line of mills, conveyors, shakers, and filling machine to break, sift, and package dry glue or gelatin: Starts mills, conveyors, and shakers equipped with screens of prescribed mesh size. Opens gate in chute of hopper and drops coarse material into mill. Observes line to detect malfunction or breakdown of machinery as material is milled, sifted, and loaded into tank of filling machine. Stops line when malfunctions occur. Places container below filling machine and clamps spout equipped with scale to container. Opens valve to fill spout to prescribed weight, observing scale. Closes valve and opens slide gate to drop glue into container. Pushes slide gate to close spout and seals container. May stack bags on skid. May use device which levels each layer of bags with floor to facilitate stacking.