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Glove Sewer

Operate sewing machines to join or decorate gloves and mitten parts.

What does a Glove Sewer do?

Operates sewing machine to join or decorate glove and mitten parts or finished article: Guides parts under machine needle to join thumb pieces to back and palm; to assemble finger pieces and join pieces to glove; to join sides of cuffs or cuff to glove; to stitch around fingers, thumb, and sides of glove to close glove openings; to sew on knuckle strap or finger tips; to join parts of mittens; or to stitch knit linings to elastic wristbands to complete cuffs. May repair gloves with defective stitching and be designated Mender. May be designated according to part sewn or operation performed as Closer; Fingerer; Fourchette Sewer; Knuckle-Strap Sewer; Mitten Stitcher; Palm-And-Back Forger. May be designated: Strapper; Thumb Sewer; Tipper; Wrist Closer; Wrister; Wrist Liner. Performs duties as described under SEWING-MACHINE OPERATOR, REGULAR EQUIPMENT Master Title.