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Global Mobility Consultant



Help your company's workers adjust to living in a new country.

What does a Global Mobility Consultant do?

Anyone who’s ever moved has experienced the hunt for quality boxes and packing tape, the wearing out of Sharpies to write titles like “kitchen” and “bathroom,” and the unforgettable back labor of lifting appliances onto and off of the truck. Even if a hired Professional Mover handles the packing and unpacking, there are still change-of-address forms and utility hookups to deal with. Now imagine that same person is moving her entire family to a different continent and it’s easy to see how she would benefit from the coordination efforts of a Global Mobility Consultant.

As a Global Mobility Consultant, you’re familiar with a variety of cultures and international laws. After all, most governments want some sort of record of their population. So, in addition to making sure Grandma’s china and the dog arrive safely in Tokyo, you see to it that every family member files the proper paperwork.

Your role as Global Mobility Consultant doesn’t stop at the border, however. You also make sure the family finds a suitable place to live, help the children enroll in school, and send the entire clan to a cultural immersion instructor to learn the language and customs.

While the family learns to say, “Guten tag,” you ship the belongings they want and find storage for the rest. You might even help the Realtor sell their home. In addition, you handle their payroll and bonus checks, work permits, visas, social security, and taxes.


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