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Global Account Manager

Travel around the world to sell your product or service.

What does a Global Account Manager do?

Business has grown to a global level. Products and services that used to be offered only within 100 miles of home base are now shipped, sold, and set up on every continent. That expansion has opened up a new layer within the sales and management fields. The role of the Global Account Manager is basically the same as that of the Account Manager, except the responsibilities take him around the world instead of keeping him in a specific region.

As a Global Account Manager, you’re experienced in sales, and have probably worked in your industry for a while. What industry? Well, Global Account Managers work on everything from food products to construction equipment to computer networking systems. Take your pick.

Communication is a major part of your job. You work with, and rely on, Regional Account Managers and Customer Service Representatives to attend to customer problems, initiate the sales process, and share knowledge of the region and the customers. With an idea of what the customer is looking for, you pack your suitcase and catch a flight to their doorstep.

Once your feet are back on the ground, you prepare and deliver sales presentations, answer questions, identify customer needs, and sell the benefits of your product or service. Then you close the sale, get the contract signed, and work on the next project. You achieve your market share and sales quota goals (and commission checks) by knowing your product, your company, and your customers.