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Handle and install pre-cut glass using cement and putty.

Salary Range

$42,580 - $79,090

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does a Glazier do?

Though it might sound mean, it’s pretty funny when you see someone walk into a glass door without realizing it’s there. While you stifle your giggles and ask if they’re okay, you should also be thanking a Glazier for your moment of amusement. Glaziers install and repair glass of all kinds-everything from the door that gave your friend a facial, to mirrors, to shower enclosures, to windows. Pretty much any piece of glass in a business or a home has been installed by a Glazier.

Most of the time, the glass you handle comes to you precut and already in a frame, and you simply need to put it where your client wants it. If it’s not, though, you need to be able to cut it to shape. After you cut it, you put it into place and surround the edges with putty, cement, or something else to hold it in place. You can work on glass for a display case, security windows, windows with decorative etchings, and tabletops. The only thing you don’t handle are car windshields, as those are handled by Mechanics.

With the kinds of tools you use in this job (some are pretty crazy), you’re almost like a superhero. A tiny spinning metal wheel works as a knife, and giant suction cups help you hold on to pieces of glass that are too big to lift with your hands. Of course, you also use everyday tools like drills, saws, and grinders. Be careful, though. Working with all these tools and glass can sometimes lead to mistakes, and Glaziers actually have the highest rate of nonfatal accidents of any job.

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