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Glass Ribbon Machine Operator

Set up and operate automatic machines to form bulbs from molten glass.

What does a Glass Ribbon Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates automatic machine to form bulbs and other products from molten glass: Installs molds, forming devices, and orifice plates, following specifications. Positions forming mechanisms between forehearth and lehr. Turns controls to regulate temperatures and pressures in forehearth and forming molds and flow of coolant on rollers. Verifies temperature of molten glass in forehearth, using optical pyrometer. Raises plunger forehearth orifice to start flow of molten glass through machine units. Adjusts rollers to control glass thickness, using handtools and measuring devices. Monitors gauges, such as temperature, pressure, machine speed, and rate of glass flow. Examines for variations from processing standards, using templates and gauges.