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Glass Decorator

Etch or cut artistic designs in glass articles.

What does a Glass Decorator do?

Etches or cuts artistic designs in glass articles, such as bowls, vases, and stemware, using acid solutions, sandblasting equipment, and design patterns, using any of following methods: Dips glass in molten wax to coat ware with wax. Places perforated pattern against waxed ware and sprays ink through pattern to transfer design to wax. Exposes glassware surface to be etched, using stylus to remove wax. Immerses waxed ware in hydrofloric acid to etch design on glass surface, and immerses ware in hot water to remove wax. Masks glassware with tape, places pattern against taped glassware, and sprays ink through pattern to transfer design to ware. Cuts away inked sections of tape, using knife to expose glassware surface. Sandblasts exposed area of glass, using spray gun, to cut design in surface. Peels off tape after sandblasting design. Places template against glassware surface and sprays with sand to cut design in glassware surface. May etch design on inside, rather than outside, of article. May draw freehand designs on masked glassware. May be designated according to method used as Glass Etcher; Sandblaster, Glass.