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Glass Cutter

Shape glass into windows, windshields, or mirrors using custom tools.

What does a Glass Cutter do?

A Glass Cutter creates made-to-order pieces of glass that fit everything from the windows in your home and the sunroof in your sports car to the revolving doors at your favorite department store and the screen of your new smartphone.

That’s a very important job. Just imagine a house without windows, or a car without a windshield. Without glass to let in the view and the light – and keep out cold and critters – the world would be perforated with holes. Or else, it would be suffocating, dark, and claustrophobic, like the inside of a cardboard box. Either way, it’s clear to see: Glass is good! And so, therefore, is a job as a Glass Cutter.

Glass is notoriously fragile. Handled the wrong way, it will break, smash, and shatter. When glass is needed, therefore – be it for buildings, vehicles, mirrors, furniture, or electronics – it can’t be forced to fit. Instead, it must be carefully fabricated, precisely measured, and properly cut.

As a Glass Cutter, you’re the person who does the cutting. In collaboration with Architects, Engineers, and Designers, you start by determining the size and shape of the glass that’s needed. Then, following a set of blueprints, you use machines and hand tools to cut a large sheet of glass down to the proper specifications without breaking it.

Although you might be a Glazier – someone who not only cuts glass but also installs it – you most likely focus only on glass cutting, which in and of itself requires lots of training and a very special touch. After all, inaccurate measurements and improper handling can quickly turn a picture-perfect windowpane into a series of sharp shards (with plenty of cuts to match!).