Glass Bender

Heat and bend glass tubes to form scrolls of electric neon signs.

What does a Glass Bender do?

Heats and bends glass tubes to form scroll of electric neon signs according to pattern: Tacks asbestos pattern onto workbench. Cuts length of tubing required to form letters, using file. Holds tube over gas burner at point to be bent, rotating tube to heat it uniformly. Places rubber hose over end of tubing. Blows into hose to prevent glass from collapsing and bends tube by hand. Superimposes bent tubing on asbestos pattern to ensure accuracy. When letter or scroll has been formed, places electrode in each end of tube and heats with gas burner to fuse in place. Paints or tapes portions of tubing to separate letters. Repairs broken scroll by replacing with new sections of tubing. May charge tubing with gas [NEON-TUBE PUMPER].