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Glamour Photographer



Snap sexy but tasteful portraits.

What does a Glamour Photographer do?

A Glamour Photographer’s job is to take suggestive photos of men and women who want to explore their flirtatious side. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then, under the direction of a Glamour Photographer, a few of those words would be “sexy,” “sensual,” “seductive,” “romantic,” and “alluring.”

Provocative but not distasteful, the images you take as a Glamour Photographer are sweet, artistic portraits of your subjects that showcase their bodies at their most beautiful. Your subjects might be Models posing for advertisements and magazines. They might be Actors who want special photos for their portfolios. Or they might be regular folks who want to see themselves in a new light, try a new experience, or just purchase a sexy gift for their spouse.

Regardless, it’s your job to capture their image in a way that’s both titillating and tasteful.

Although your photographs often feature lingerie, sexy costumes, and provocative clothing, nudity is optional. After all, it’s not flesh that gives your portraits their signature sensuality. It’s your stylistic choices, which typically include muted lighting, image-softening lens filters for your camera, luxurious props, and elaborate hair and makeup for your subjects, courtesy of a professional Hairstylist and Cosmetologist.

Like any Portrait Photographer, your job is as much about customer service as it is photography: In addition to taking great photos, it’s your responsibility to make your subjects feel comfortable and beautiful, which you accomplish with encouragement and affirmation during photo shoots, and with image editing software that allows you to retouch blemished photos after.

Because your photos’ goal is self-esteem, not sex, you’re sort of like a photographic Therapist: Using your lens, you turn pretty pictures into positive self-image!

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