GIS Coordinator

Organize tasks and schedules for the staff of GIS projects.

What does a GIS Coordinator do?

Geographic information systems (GIS) products are like maps on steroids. The topography is outlined, but the image is peppered with detailed information about the businesses and individuals contained within the boundaries. To build these detailed maps, companies hire GIS Coordinators. A GIS Coordinator supervises the large teams needed to build these complicated products.

As a GIS Coordinator, you’re considered a member of the management team. While you probably aren’t responsible for hiring or firing the GIS Geographer, the GIS Database Administrator, or the other professionals who work on your project, you’re responsible for ensuring that they have the training they need to do the job right. Periodically, you require your staff to attend formal training sessions so they can keep their skills sharp.

You develop a schedule for your department, outlining major deadlines and assigned tasks. Each day, you check in with your staff to ensure that those deadlines are met, and you adjust the schedule if your team needs more time.

To keep costs under control, you create a firm budget in consultation with your firm’s Chief Financial Officer. Periodically, you issue reports that detail how much money your department has spent on the project and how much is still available.

The computer software that lies underneath GIS products is always changing, and your staff may continually ask you for upgrades. Before you purchase new versions for them, you thoroughly test the software yourself to make sure the improvements are worth the expenditure.