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Lap girdles on rough diamonds.

What does a Girdler do?

Laps girdle on rough diamonds, using diamond girdling lathe, and utilizing knowledge of diamond finishing techniques: Examines diamond to determine site, width, and shape of stone to be girdled and selects flat or hollow tipped dop, depending on surface of diamond. Screws dop onto end of heating rod, heats dop over gas flame, places cement on tip of dop, and presses diamond onto cement in position to facilitate girdling. Selects two dop-mounted diamonds and screws one onto lathe and one onto girdling stick. Starts lathe and works irregular shaped sides of stick diamond against lathe diamond to remove points and lap girdles on diamonds. Examines diamonds during girdling, using loupe or magnifying glass, to determine that girdles are shaped to specifications. Heats dop to soften cement and removes diamond from dop. Lubricates, dismantles, and cleans lathe and motor, and replaces motor belt as required.