Gig Tender

Tend machines that set direction of fibers on surface of woolen cloths.

What does a Gig Tender do?

Tends machine that raises and sets direction of fiber on surface of woolen cloth, imparting soft and lofty hand to cloth: Mounts roll of cloth on shaft at feed-end of machine, using hoist. Sews end of cloth to leader in machine, using portable sewing machine. Turns handwheels to raise or lower contact rollers that press cloth against gigging cylinder to control amount of nap. Turns valves to admit water into wet-out boxes. Starts machine and processes cloth back and forth through machine until nap has been raised according to specifications. Relaxes pressure on contact rollers and processes cloth through machine to set direction of nap. Doffs rolls of cloth from delivery end of machine. May tend machine equipped with steaming roller rather than wet-out boxes and be designated Steam Gigger.