GI Technician

Maintain hospital equipment that makes it possible to see inside the body.

What does a GI Technician do?

A GI Technician assists a Nurse or Physician with pulmonary procedures as well as equipment setup and maintenance. As a GI Technician, you’re allowed to perform some minor procedures under the watchful eyes of other medical personnel. For instance, you could place a stent, biopsy a liver, dilate a balloon, or do any number of other procedures such as a colonoscopy or endoscopic ultrasound.

As a GI Technician, you’re also responsible for tool and equipment maintenance and setup. This means that before a procedure starts, you determine what equipment will be needed, check it out from the hospital’s inventory, take it to the appropriate treatment/operating room, set it up, ensure that it’s in perfect working order, oversee its use during the procedure, and then clean the tools and break down the equipment before returning it to the inventory.

You make sure that each piece is returned in the working order that it was taken. You may also be responsible for some minor repairs on faulty or broken down equipment.

If the equipment needs repair beyond what you can do, you file a report and send the equipment off for maintenance. You make sure the repairs are made, and afterwards, receive it back in the hospital inventory. To do this job well, you should be able to work well with a team, in a stressful environment, and under supervision during medical procedures.