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Serve as an expert on the issues affecting the elderly.

What does a Gerontologist do?

Aging affects everyone, so Gerontologists have a lot to do. As a Gerontologist, you care for the elderly, and research ways to improve a person’s quality of life as he or she ages. If you work in the field of health care, you specialize in providing direct care to older patients, while if you’re a research Gerontologist, you devote your work efforts to researching the different social and physical effects of aging.

Researchers who focus on gerontology strive to understand how and why the body ages, how society views the elderly, and what effects an aging population has on the economy. Policies involving health care and programs that help improve health in older citizens all start from a single, simple idea you’ve formed through your extensive research.

Those in the health care field who work with elderly patients are often employed by hospitals or nursing homes. Here, you blend current research – either your own or other cutting-edge news in the field – with your health care techniques. Your elderly patients live more fulfilling lives while receiving the best health care for illnesses or ailments that come more frequently with old age.

As a Gerontologist, you have the opportunity to help others, to educate the community, and to constantly redefine the rules that affect the care that the elderly population receives. Your work lets you discover ways to increase overall health and raise the quality of life people can expect as they grow older.

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