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Gerontological Nurse Practitioner



Treat elderly patients for age-related health issues.

What does a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner do?

Aging gracefully and healthily requires the help of a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, a Nurse who specializes in caring for older adults. Aging causes the body to experience more health problems, whether physically or mentally. As a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, you evaluate and diagnose illnesses, sometimes with the help of a Doctor, and offer the best in patient care for coping with health issues.

A step above a Registered Nurse in terms of education and levels of responsibility, Gerontological Nurse Practitioners have the ability to examine patients, order lab work, diagnose illnesses, and start a treatment plan. You often act as the primary health care provider for your elderly patients. Having a primary health care provider makes it easier to keep treatment plans for different problems from interfering with each other.

Throughout the workday, you treat both new and existing patients. It’s challenging to make a diagnosis or choose a treatment plan for an older patient since they may already be taking several medications or have other health problems. You take all these factors, including diet and past history of disease, into account when prescribing medication or suggesting a treatment routine.

Since the patients you see have a higher risk for life-threatening illnesses, you need excellent communication skills. You help the patient and their family cope with bad news, and you recommend ways to prolong the patient’s life and treat any pain or negative symptoms. Your field of work gives the gift of longer, more enjoyable lives!

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