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Gerontological Dietitian



Help plan and maintain a healthy diet for elderly patients.

What does a Gerontological Dietitian do?

Blueberries can fight Alzheimer’s, salmon can lower high cholesterol – the average person may not know this, but it’s old news to a Gerontological Dietitian. The know-it-all in the field of nutrition and aging, the Gerontological Dietitian researches and plans healthy diets for the elderly.

Hospitals, nursing homes, community health centers, and even government agencies all need a Gerontological Dietitian’s expertise. The more candles on the birthday cake, the more health problems a person faces, and you strive to counteract the effects of aging.

The research part of your job entails keeping up with the latest health news in the scientific community, such as a current study on how certain foods can fight heart disease, and reading past studies on different diets. Your food-based curiosity has you researching the health benefits of fiber or weighing the advantages of a vegetarian diet.

Once you have the information you need, it’s time to plan your patients’ diets. First you review the medical conditions affecting the group and then design a menu that lowers blood pressure, boosts their immune systems, and actually tastes good. No need for prune juice when a nice fruit salad will do the trick. Once you’ve decided on a menu, you type up your instructions for the Chefs and Servers to review.

Your work improves life expectancy and quality. Who knew some fruit here and some fish there could lead to a longer, happier life?

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