German Professor

Teach university students about German and Germany.

What does a German Professor do?

Sprechen sie Deutsche? German Professors speak the language well, but more than that, they’re also familiar with the culture. And because they’re Professors, they share that knowledge with students at the university level.

Becoming a German Professor is a challenging career choice because competition is stiff. Once there, though, you’ll find being a German Professor a rewarding job that allows you to mentor students who share your passion for Germany and its language.

You impart your knowledge in the classroom through lectures. In addition, you assign reports, homework, reading, and exams to challenge and test your students. Your German-speaking skills never fade because you teach, read, and grade the language on a daily basis.

Outside the classroom, you hold office hours to consult with students. You help them understand assignments and set long-term goals. With your guidance, they create a plan for both academic and career aspirations.

In addition to your work with students, you also have an obligation to the community in which you work. You offer your services as a guest speaker, work as a Translator when needed, and complete grant requests to help fund your department. You’re also involved in campus activities, such as German clubs, travel groups, and international associations.

If that doesn’t keep you busy enough, you design lectures, tutor, mentor graduate students who are beginning to teach classes, and keep up to date with the news in Germany as well.

So if that sounds like the career for you, go for it. Nutze den tag. There’s no time like the present!