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Geriatric Pharmacist



Dispense medicine for the elderly to avoid mixing dangerous pills.

What does a Geriatric Pharmacist do?

As the baby boomers move into retirement age, they’re beginning to make up the majority of medicine consumers. Because of this, a job as a Geriatric Pharmacist is stable now, and will be for many years to come. So if you enjoy helping the elderly and have a passion for the science of medicine, then read on for more info on what a Geriatric Pharmacist does.

You’ve been to the pharmacy at your local grocery store, and you’ve seen the lab coat-clad person making careful measurements behind the counter. Well, that’s the Pharmacist. A Geriatric Pharmacist takes the job one step further by working with the elderly, and there’s so much more to the job than just measuring.

For starters, as a Geriatric Pharmacist, you have an understanding of what every medicine is and how it works. Because of that knowledge, you also know how the medicines interact with other medicines. Often, elderly customers are on a variety of medicines, so you check every file to make sure the prescriptions you’re filling won’t have dangerous interactions.

Safety is paramount, so you also verify each prescription before filling it. You look for quantity, dosage information, and side effects. Then you prepare the prescription, double-checking the medicines as you go, and again when you’re done. A mistake could cost a life, so attention to detail is an essential requirement of the job.

Educating the customer is another important aspect of your position. The elderly are sometimes easily confused, overwhelmed, and forgetful, so you spend a significant part of your day comforting, explaining, and advising your customers about the medications they’re taking.

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