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Geriatric Care Manager



Formulate care plans for seniors.

What does a Geriatric Care Manager do?

Geriatric Care Managers work with elderly clients and their families to create care plans that support them in the aging process. As people age, health issues crop up and hence their needs change. They can experience memory loss, depression, or major illnesses. It can be a challenging time, and you, as a Geriatric Care Manager, help them navigate the new world they find themselves in.

Think of a Geriatric Care Manager as an expert in aging, a Tour Guide through this uncharted territory. You assess future needs and possible problems, and then give recommendations and arrange for care.

The assessment is basically an interview with the client, though sometimes you include family members or look through Doctor ‘s files to get a more complete picture of the person’s condition. You ask questions about eating habits, medical issues, financial plans, and the extent of memory loss. With the information you gather, you’re able to create a care plan, which basically lists the needs of the client, from the most to the least important.

Once you have a care plan in place, you’re then able to do things like hire a Caregiver, move the person to a retirement home, arrange for them to meet with a Lawyer, or any other necessary actions. You can do all this because you have access to different organizations and resources that a person on their own wouldn’t necessarily know about. After doing all this, it is still your job to continue checking up on the patient, and making sure they’re getting the help they need.

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