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Geothermal Production Manager

Run a plant that generates electricity from the earth's internal heat.

What does a Geothermal Production Manager do?

The Earth is designed like a fruit pie, fresh from the oven. The gooey center of the pie is hot, and in some places, the goo bursts to the surface and brings heat and steam with it. Heat from the Earth’s core can be used to make electricity if a plant is placed in the hot spots.

A Geothermal Production Manager runs a plant like this. The work a Geothermal Production Manager does keeps the lights on and the ovens working in thousands of homes.

Geothermal Engineers spend years designing the geothermal plant, and by the time you take over as Geothermal Production Manager, the system is already set up and running. The Geothermal Engineer often provides detailed charts stating how much power your plant can produce. These charts become your goals.

A team of Geothermal Technicians runs the plant, and you hire, train, and evaluate them. Each day, you check in with your staff members and ask them to outline any problems or concerns they’ve noticed with the equipment. You follow up on these concerns, ordering new parts or scheduling repairs as needed to keep things moving.

Routine maintenance keeps the equipment running smoothly, and you develop schedules to direct the team to clean, oil, and test the equipment. Often, this work requires turning portions of the plant off, and you make sure those maintenance issues won’t impact the amount of power you produce.

Walking around the plant and the geothermal field allows you to ensure that all is well. Each day, you perform this sort of visual inspection, and you often check the gauges on the machines to make sure they’re showing normal readings.