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Geological Consultant



Use your knowledge of the earth to guide construction and oil projects.

What does a Geological Consultant do?

A Geologist deals with rocks, water, dirt, and natural resources contained in the Earth’s crust. Their skills can come in handy when Contractors want to build structures or when Engineers want to pull oil out of the ground. A Geological Consultant is a Geologist who assists with these projects.

Building a structure on an earthquake fault line or a foundation of sand is futile, to say the least. If you’re a Geological Consultant, you study maps of a construction area and look at news reports before the project commences to determine if geological problems have occurred there in the past. On the site, you dig down to take samples of the soil, and determine what that soil is made of.

Pulling oil, natural gas, or diamonds from the Earth takes precision, and Engineers call you in to help them determine where to explore for the items and how to best extract them. Once again, you head to the site and take samples of the soil. Studying maps may also help.

Once your research is complete, you write up lengthy reports describing what you’ve found and how the project should move forward. While you find the structure of the soil to be incredibly interesting, you know that your readers aren’t as dirt-obsessed as you are. So you sprinkle photos and graphs into your report to keep your audience interested.

Traveling takes up a significant amount of your time, as many projects take place overseas. This is particularly true if you’re a Geological Consultant focusing on oil and gas projects.

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