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Geography Professor

Teach university students about geography.

What does a Geography Professor do?

In its raw form, geography is the study of land formations. While Geologists analyze the deep layers of the earth, those who work in geography concentrate on topographical features and landscape. Those interested in studying these features of our world learn their skills from Geography Professors.

As a Geography Professor, you work at the university level. Your students are working towards the career titles of Cartographer, GIS Specialist, Analyst, Scientist, and researcher. Topics in your classroom not only cover current land formations, but also how they got there, and how humans use and interact with those features.

Your classroom duties as a Geography Professor include preparing and presenting lectures, opening topics of discussion, and assigning homework, reports, reading, oral presentations, and tests. Back in your office, you grade papers, evaluate student performance, and set office hours when your students can discuss anything from career choices to a question on the last exam.

In addition to your teaching duties, you have the resources of the university at your disposal. And that’s a good thing since your students need a mentor to give them hands-on research experience, and you’re expected to do research that contributes to what’s known in the scientific community.

If all of that doesn’t keep you busy, your role as a Professor at the school has you involved in all of the campus activities, from science fairs to curriculum changes.