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Geographic Information Systems Technician

Draw and update maps using GIS software.

What does a Geographic Information Systems Technician do?

A Geographic Information Systems Technician reads and analyzes existing maps, interprets them, and creates new ones based on current and newfound information. As a Geographic Information Systems Technician, you work very heavily with raw data, numbers, and computers; understand and decipher information; and create new maps as well as the programs for analyzing and creating those maps. It’s not like you’re an explorer, but you are, literally at times, charting new territory.

While many aspects of your work as a Geographic Information Systems Technician will find you at an office, some may take you to other locations to conduct fieldwork and surveys. Data management is your main priority, but handling and maintaining the equipment and software you use for surveys is another part of your job. You should be able to handle multiple projects at once, as well as have the ability to write progress reports on your findings.

Because you’re a Technician, you’re there to support the Department Head. Much of the work you do is assigned to you by the Department Head, but you’re also responsible for attending meetings and conferences, making presentations, and even training new GIS Techs.

As you move up in your department, you may be asked to head up projects, which may entail such responsibilities as deciding which methods to use to interpret raw data, assigning location trips, and managing the GIS Techs beneath you.