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Geodetic Survey Director

Head up a team that conducts land surveying.

What does a Geodetic Survey Director do?

A Geodetic Survey Director oversees the use of surveying equipment and employees who measure portions of the earth. A branch of earth science, geodetics focuses on the movement of the earth’s crust and its impact. A Geodetic Survey Director normally finds employment in construction companies and architectural and engineering firms.

To work as a Geodetic Survey Director, you must have a background in the science field. Courses in earth science, computer science, physics, geology, topography, and business administration are required. Understanding how all areas of science work together and impact one another is essential to overseeing geodetic work.

Leadership and communication skills are mandatory for a Geodetic Survey Director as well. In this job, you oversee a staff of Surveyors. Working together as a team requires a strong leader, and that leader is you!

Your leadership skills in the field and in the office are put to the test as you deal with staffing requirements and schedules regularly. Using a multitude of highly technical equipment, you’re able to share your knowledge with your team, resulting in a stronger unit.

Business acumen is another factor to consider. Your courses in business and accounting make it possible to oversee the departmental budget and meet cost estimates for projects. This is a position of diverse responsibilities, and one of those responsibilities is providing insight that can be used for business decisions.

Physical strength and stamina are required as well, since you’re required to lift and carry surveying equipment from time to time. The hours are regular, the work environment mostly comfortable, and you get to see the world from a perspective not seen by many!