Genetics Laboratory Technician

Analyze genetic test results in a lab under supervision.

What does a Genetics Laboratory Technician do?

A Genetics Laboratory Technician is the wheel that keeps the workflow moving in the lab. Working under the direct supervision of Geneticists, Physicians, and researchers, the Genetics Laboratory Technician completes a wide variety of research and testing-related tasks.

As a Genetics Laboratory Technician, you use your analytical skills to assist others in the biological, hematological, and chemical testing of different samples. Using your background in science, biology, chemistry, and scientific methods, you assist in all aspects of genetic testing. You may work for a hospital, research facility, agricultural company, or pharmaceutical company, but your job description in all of those places is likely the same.

For example, if you’re employed by a hospital, you gather data collected from tests of blood samples. You then prepare the information for evaluation by the Geneticist, who seeks to identify a particular chromosome responsible for a condition.

You may also work for a large agricultural company that aims to find the perfect breed of cattle for the highest-quality meat. Or perhaps you work for a pharmaceutical company, exploring the link between a particular medication and birth defects. The topics may change, but your job is the same: collect, organize, and prepare data for use by others.

Basic mechanical skills are required in this position, as you operate, adjust, and maintain scientific instruments such as microscopes, autoclaves, and chromatography apparatuses. Computer knowledge and familiarity are also essential, as you’re responsible for accurately tracking data and the progress of experiments.