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Generating Plant Superintendent

Direct operation of major generating plants of electric power systems.

What does a Generating Plant Superintendent do?

Directs and coordinates operation of major generating plant of electric power system: Directs and coordinates periodic plant inspections to evaluate condition of equipment. Prepares work orders for major maintenance or repairs. Reviews daily operating reports and other records to ensure specified operating characteristics in control of steam and electric power generating equipment. Confers with personnel, such as SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR 952.362-034 to diagnose equipment malfunctions during emergencies and directs activities to restore normal operation or to shutdown malfunctioning unit. Notifies LOAD DISPATCHER 952.167-014 of shutdown or major changes in power output of unit preparatory to transfer of load to other units. Cooperates with SUPERINTENDENT, TESTS 184.167-218 and SAFETY INSPECTOR 821.367-014 in routine and special tests and plant inspections to improve operations and maintain safe working conditions. May prepare operating budget. May perform personnel activities of department, such as recruitment, hiring, and training.