General Supervisor

Direct activities of production departments in industrial establishments.

What does a General Supervisor do?

Directs and coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities of production department(s) in processing materials or manufacturing products in industrial establishment, applying knowledge of production methods, processes, machines and equipment, plant layout, and production capacities of each department: Reviews production orders or schedules to ascertain product data, such as types, quantities, and specifications of products and scheduled delivery dates in order to plan department operations. Plans production operations, establishing priorities and sequences for manufacturing products, utilizing knowledge of production processes and methods, machine and equipment capabilities, and human resource requirements. Prepares operational schedules and coordinates manufacturing activities to ensure production and quality of products meets specifications. Reviews production and operating reports and resolves operational, manufacturing, and maintenance problems to ensure minimum costs and prevent operational delays. Inspects machines and equipment to ensure specific operational performance and optimum utilization. Develops or revises standard operational and working practices and observes workers to ensure compliance with standards. Initiates personnel actions, such as promotions, transfers, discharges, or disciplinary measures. Resolves worker grievances or submits unsettled grievances to PRODUCTION SUPERINTENDENT 183.117-014 for action. Workers are usually designated according to department processes, operations, activity, or industry. May compile, store, and retrieve production data, using computer.