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General Manager



Take responsibility for a single department or store of a larger company.

What does a General Manager do?

If a business were a circus, the general manager would be the juggler. That’s because the general manager is the head of an individual business unit in the company, which requires “juggling” many different responsibilities.

As a general manager, you might be in charge of a specific store, hotel, or restaurant that’s part of a wider chain. You might be the highest-ranking manager of a small business, reporting to its Mom-and-Pop owners. Or, you might be the president of a single department or division in a large corporate entity.

In any case, your job as a general manager is basically to be a mini-CEO, which requires managing virtually every aspect of the business in pursuit of strategic goals. For example, you oversee operations, accounting, human resources, communications, and administration. On the operations side, you’re in charge of planning, processes, policies, and procedures. On the accounting side, on the other hand, you oversee budgeting and financial reporting.

On the human resources side, you’re tasked with hiring, training, and employee recognition. On the communications side, you manage internal communication and external marketing, advertising, and PR. Finally, on the administration side, you supervise scheduling, payroll, and paperwork.

Ultimately, you’re the eyes, ears, and hands for a small business owner, a CEO, or a Board of Directors: Their company is a cake that’s been cut into pieces based on geography, focus, or other factors, and they’ve named you the caretaker of a single slice.

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