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General Laborer



Perform allotted physical tasks depending on chosen industry.

What does a General Laborer do?

A general laborer’s tasks vary depending on the chosen industry of employment. You may be required to collect trash, trim trees, or perform janitorial duties in an office space. Loading, unloading, and delivering shipments, working with heavy tools such as power drills, or placing and removing ladders or scaffolding may be some job requirements of a general laborer. Your responsibilities may also include assisting carpenters, masons, or other specialized contractors and controlling traffic at road construction sites.

The most important requirement is physical strength and fitness, as you might be working outside in bad weather, or in a building devoid of air conditioning or heating. Some general labor jobs where you handle toxic material such as lead, asbestos, or chemicals could be dangerous. Hand-eye coordination, the ability to focus on the job at hand, and the ability to understand technical information are essential. Basic reading and writing skills are also needed.

Minimum educational requirements for this job usually consist of a formal apprenticeship. If you are eighteen years old with a high school diploma and have basic knowledge of technical drawings, physics, and mathematics, you would be a suitable fit for this job. Informal apprenticeships, consisting of on-the-job training and learning from experienced contractors, are a great option to gain more experience.

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