General Handyman

Get your hands dirty doing basic home and office repairs.

What does a General Handyman do?

Nothing makes a General Handyman happier than getting his hands dirty. The role of a General Handyman consists of tinkering around and fixing any general maintenance problems, from gutter installation to painting, that a homeowner or business requires. A General Handyman spends a lot of time outdoors and typically works on homes.

Choosing this job path turns repair work into your bread and butter. While the name is Handyman, women work in this field as well. What do you do on the job? You’re responsible for any repair, maintenance, or remodeling task that takes more skill than the homeowner can do alone but isn’t a big enough job to require a professional.

Of course, you need to call in an expert sometimes. While you can unclog a toilet in three minutes flat, you can’t install all new plumbing for a remodeled bathroom. That job goes to a certified Plumber. Likewise, you may repaint a house, repair a roof, or even fix an electrical outlet, but building a new home or rewiring an entire room is the responsibility of Architects and Electricians.

When you’re not busy with the hands-on portion of your job, you meet with potential clients to review the work they need done, and you give them an estimate. You’re upfront with your clients about the size and cost of the project. That honesty builds loyal customers. Once you have your agreement on paper, you and your client can both sign on the dotted line, and you’re off to work.