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Gem Cutter



Cut, shape, and polish precious and synthetic gems.

What does a Gem Cutter do?

Cuts, shapes, and polishes precious and synthetic gems: Positions rough stone in holder and holds stone against edge of revolving saw or lapidary slitter impregnated with diamond dust to cut and slit stone. Removes cut stone and places it in lapidary stick. Selects shaping wheel and applies abrasive compound. Holds lapidary stick against revolving shaping wheel and lapidary disk to further shape stone and grind facets. Examines stone for accuracy of cut, using magnifying glass. Polishes stone, using felt or canvas-covered polishing wheel, and polishing compounds, such as tripoli or rouge. May use mechanical facet-cutting device. May cut and polish diamonds for industrial purposes and be designated Industrial-Diamond Polisher.

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