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GED Instructor



Help students prepare for the GED exam.

What does a GED Instructor do?

When a student leaves high school early, or an adult who was previously unsuccessful in graduating decides to earn a degree, they can attend classes that give them the knowledge they need to pass the General Educational Development (GED) exam. The GED Instructor teaches these students the basics of science, social studies, math, writing, and reading in preparation for the test

Earning a GED not only gives students a morale boost, but it also opens the doors to a variety of career opportunities. As a GED Instructor, you strive to help your students meet their goals, thus becoming a pivotal part of their success. Without you, adults wouldn’t get that second chance at completing their high school education, and aspiring to reach life and career goals

A day in the life of a GED Instructor might actually be an evening or weekend morning. With many students working full-time jobs, raising a family, and/or taking part in community events, that might be the only time they’re available. Regardless of the schedule, you instigate discussions, present lessons, and answer questions that address the major topics covered on the exam. Because your groups are typically fairly small, you’re able to adapt your teaching style to each student’s level

This job gives you the opportunity to work with people of varying ages, different cultures, and a range of life experiences. Regardless of their past, you help them create a plan for the future.n

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