Gear Repairer

Make or repair equipment used in loading and unloading ships' cargoes.

What does a Gear Repairer do?

Fabricates and repairs equipment used in loading and unloading ships’ cargoes: Operates power sewing machine to patch and seam canvas hatch tents. Inserts grommets into and attaches ropes to tent. Cuts lumber into specified lengths and constructs cargo boards, using carpenter’s handtools and power tools. Splices ropes and cables to make and repair slings and spreaders, using marlin spike and splicing vise. Replaces defective parts of scrapers and clamshells, using wrenches, punches, hammers, and chainfalls. Gathers information as to type of cargo, terminal facilities, and loading and unloading schedule to determine what gear is necessary to perform work. Transports gear to dock by truck. Installs cargo-handling equipment on deck of vessel. Transfers gear from vessel to vessel to obtain greater utilization.