Gear Lapping Machine Operator

Set up and operate gear-lapping machines to lap gears.

What does a Gear Lapping Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates gear-lapping machine to lap gears according to specifications, machining instructions, standard charts, and knowledge of gear lapping procedures: Reads blueprint or instructions to determine gear dimensions, tolerances, and number of gears to be lapped, and machining instructions for lapping speeds and pressures, work-holding fixtures, and spindle angles to be used. Positions and secures pairs or trains of gears on spindles, using fixture and wrenches. Moves controls to set spindle angles, lapping speeds, tool pressure, and length of cycle. Brushes or sprays lapping compound on gears. Starts machine, examines gear contact area, and moves handwheels to adjust action of gears. Inspects lapped gears for conformance to specifications, using knowledge of gear design and surface finishing. May inspect finish and mechanical action of gears with gear inspection equipment. May be required to have experience with particular type of gear or machine. May lap gears against each other metal-to-metal without lapping compound and be designated Gear Burnisher.