Gear Inspector

Set up and operate gear inspection equipment.

What does a Gear Inspector do?

Sets up and operates gear inspection equipment to measure curvature of gear tooth, distance between teeth, concentricity of gear, profile and surface dimensions, surface finish, and material hardness of production and prototype gears, utilizing knowledge of gear inspection techniques and procedures: Reads blueprints or specifications to determine dimensions and tolerances. Mounts master gears on testing machine, attaches recording instrument leads and styluses to gear, and starts machine to calibrate machine instruments. Mounts and secures gear on spindle or arbor of machine, sets instrument stylus on gears, and turns instrument dials to zero. Starts machine and reads instrument dials to determine dimensions of gear, and compares readings to specifications. Measures profile and surface dimensions of gear, using optical comparator and micrometer, vernier gauges, and sine blocks. Measures surface finish, using profilameter. Measures material hardness, using hardness gauge. Recommends corrections on gear forming machine setup to eliminate defects. Maintains records of gears tested and measured. May lay out and mark drill holes, keyways, and gear tooth profile on blanks, using measuring devices and marking tools. May check gear-forming machine setup, using master gears.