Gear Hobber

Oversee and keep automated lathes and turning-machines running.

What does a Gear Hobber do?

As a Gear Hobber, you work with lathes and turning machines in an industrial or manufacturing setting. Falling under the overall career category of Lathe and Turning Machine Tool Setters, the Gear Hobber operates and oversees equipment that turn, bore (make holes), thread, or face (turn a certain way) metal or plastic to create a product.

Overseeing the operation of machinery requires great attention to detail, as you adjust controls and change tool settings to ensure that specifications are met. This is perhaps the most important part of your job as a Gear Hobber. You inspect not only the samples but also the machinery so you can identify mechanical problems, and make necessary repairs quickly and accurately. If your machine stops producing, it slows overall production, which means lost profits for the company.

Critical thinking and evaluation skills are mandatory as well, since the responsibility of interpreting blueprints and design plans for a particular part falls on you. Knowing which way a hole should be drilled through metal (vertically or horizontally) is crucial to properly manufacturing materials.

Physical strength and stamina are required as a Gear Hobber. Expect to spend several hours standing, bending, twisting, and lifting up to 50 pounds repeatedly during a shift. At the end of the workday, you can take pride in knowing that your skills and abilities have produced something that may change lives.