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Gauge and Instrument Inspector

Inspect and adjust gauges, measuring instruments, and testing equipment.

What does a Gauge and Instrument Inspector do?

Inspects and adjusts gauges, measuring instruments, and testing equipment for conformance to blueprint specifications: Verifies accuracy of gauges and measuring instruments, such as dial indicators, fixed gauges, height gauges, and electrical and functional gauges, using master gauges or master parts. Examines gauges or measuring instruments for wear or adjustment. Disassembles inaccurate or worn gauges and measuring instruments with handtools. Inspects parts for wear, warping, or other defects. Verifies dimensions of parts against blueprint specifications, using gauge blocks, micrometer, vernier height gauge, sine bar, bevel protractor, and optical comparator. Measures surface flatness and finish, using optical flats and profilameter. Computes unspecified dimensions and other data, using shop mathematics and trigonometry. Laps corroded or pitted surfaces. Reassembles gauge and adjusts stops and levers to specified settings. Inspects accuracy of new gauges and instruments for conformance to blueprint specifications before they are released for production use.