Gate Checker

Control what goes in and out of a facility.

What does a Gate Checker do?

As a Gate Checker, you’re in charge of all merchandise or people moving in or out of a facility. That might mean unloading and counting truckloads of merchandise, or checking names off a guest list. Whether it’s a freight delivery or a black-tie cocktail party, it’s your job as the Gate Checker to filter what comes in and keep careful records of what goes out.

In a warehouse facility, the Gate Checker is the point of contact as deliveries arrive. You take a physical inventory of what’s inside the truck, unload the products, and deliver them to the receiving department. When items are ready for shipment, you check and double-check the quantities before loading and waving off the truck. This requires an acute attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and the ability to communicate effectively in both written and spoken form.

Although the title is typically associated with warehouse shipping and receiving, Gate Checkers are also used at cocktail parties or exclusive beach clubs. In addition to checking each person’s identification or membership status, you also make sure that they have whatever they need. You check that the pool area is clean and inviting, arrange for food and drink to be delivered to V.I.P. guests, and keep out uninvited visitors.

Regardless of where you man the gate, you take charge of controlling the flow of products and people through the area. In addition to math skills, you have to have knowledge of basic computer programs, decision-making abilities, and dedication to accuracy.