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Gate Agent



Announce flights, check-in passengers and fill empty seats before takeoff.

What does a Gate Agent do?

A Gate Agent is primarily responsible for making sure that people get onto an airplane in a timely, orderly manner. Nearly everything a Gate Agent does on a typical workday revolves around this one goal.

As a Gate Agent, you man a station by an airplane gate, checking tickets and assigning seats when people come to check in for their flights. To ensure that passengers know when they can board the plane and when the flight is scheduled to leave, you make announcements over the P.A. system. You open the gate at the proper time, and close it when everyone is on board.

If older people need assistance in moving wheelchairs, you step in. You also assist very young passengers who need help getting onto the plane.

When a flight is delayed, people flock to your station to air their complaints. You need to remain calm, cheerful, and organized as you answer their questions regarding the flight’s new schedule. You may be able to reschedule travelers onto different flights, or you may direct them to a larger customer service counter.

Working in an airport can be tremendously exciting. You see families reunited, newlyweds heading for honeymoons, and students traveling to exotic locations for the first time. But this kind of work can also be taxing as you deal with people who are often tired, cranky, and difficult. Because of this, you must be the sort of person who enjoys helping travelers, no matter the reason for their travels and no matter their mood.

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