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Gas Turbine Mechanic

Maintain powerful maritime engines used by the Navy.

What does a Gas Turbine Mechanic do?

Gas turbines are some of the most powerful mechanical propulsion systems that man has ever invented. They power numerous types of heavy machines and vehicles, most notably our nation’s Navy. Working on these amazing devices requires detailed knowledge of both the mechanical and electrical systems of heavy machinery.

Due to their high cost of operation, most gas turbines are found in naval vessels. Because of that, Gas Turbine Mechanics are among the enlisted ranks there. The Navy has specialized maintenance regulations that must be followed to keep boats in fighting shape. If you take a sense of pride from your work, and value knowing that your work makes a difference, then a job as a Gas Turbine Mechanic could be right for you.

Working on naval vessels, Gas Turbine Mechanics need to be where the ships are. You’ll often live right on the ship you’re working on, or else in a port, post, or fort. Gas turbines are too large and complicated for one person to maintain alone, so you’re part of a diverse and skilled team.

Good communication and safety are key. You work with dangerous tools, equipment, and power systems, in and out of cramped, hazardous areas. It’s not an easy job at times, but the knowledge that you’re helping something huge and powerful to stay in operation is something you can’t find in many jobs.