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Gas Station Attendant

Serve customers and collect payment for fuel and other services.

What does a Gas Station Attendant do?

Gas station attendants work as cashiers in gas service stations, collecting cash and offering receipts to customers for fuel and related products. Some customers may ask you to help them fill their fuel tanks. You ensure that all customers pay correctly and see that no one tampers with the meters. Some stations may ask you to perform basic automotive maintenance duties, such as changing oil, replacing or repairing tires, or charging batteries. Removing garbage, sanitizing the area, and cleaning the restrooms may all be part of your responsibilities. You are expected to monitor the station for criminal activity.

Gas station attendants maintain convenience stores by ordering and receiving stock, labeling products, and putting them on display. You handle all payments, and you are expected to count cash at the end of the day. Attendants check IDs before selling cigarettes and alcohol, and give directions when asked.

To qualify for this job, you need to be at least 18 years old and you must have a high school education. Basic math skills are required for counting and handling cash, and good customer service skills ensure that your customers come back to the station.