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Gas Regulator Repairer

Test, repair, and adjust regulators and relief valves.

What does a Gas Regulator Repairer do?

Tests, repairs, and adjusts regulators, relief valves, and related equipment used to control gas pressure in city gas mains and service pipes, pipelines, in-plant gas systems, and petroleum refineries: Dismantles regulator and examines such parts as springs, valves, and diaphragm for wear or deterioration. Cleans corrosion and tar deposits from serviceable parts, using solvents and wire brush. Cuts seat to receive new orifice, taps inspection ports, and performs other repairs to salvage usable materials, using handtools and machine tools. Reassembles regulator with new and reconditioned parts, according to blueprints. Connects regulator to test stand and turns screw adjustment until test-stand gauges indicate regulator inlet and outlet pressures are according to specifications for regulator and type of service. Tests and adjusts pressure setting of relief valves in similar manner. Records work done, pressure adjustment, and related data for each instrument. May install regulators, and such related equipment as gas meters, odorization units, and gas-pressure-telemetering equipment.