Gas-Meter Mechanic I

Recondition, test, and calibrate positive displacement gas meters.

What does a Gas-Meter Mechanic I do?

Reconditions, tests, and calibrates positive displacement gas meters, using handtools and test equipment: Dismantles gas meter case, diaphragm assembly, and connecting rods, using soldering iron and handtools. Positions and solders diaphragm and diaphragm rings in dismantled meter case. Inserts and solders flow-control valves in place, using soldering iron and guide wires. Moves shaft connected to valve to test freedom of movement. Adjusts shaft, using pliers, or resolders shaft to correct defective operation. Solders index assembly in position and connects assembly to activating mechanism. Moves activating arms to extreme extension to test freedom of movement. Adjusts valve mechanism to calibrate meter registration in accordance with public utilities commission specifications. Repositions and resolders connecting rods to provide sufficient clearance. Resolders case seams to seal meter. Attaches airhose at meter inlet to pressurize meter and test ability to register passage of low air volume. Attaches pressurized meter to fixture which submerges meter under water to test for leaks. May inspect, repair, and maintain gas meters used to measure volume of natural gas flowing from producing wells to processing plant and be designated Field Operator.