Gas Leak Inspector

Inspect underground and exposed gas pipelines and enclosed areas.

What does a Gas Leak Inspector do?

Inspects underground and exposed gas pipelines and enclosed areas to detect and locate leaks, using testing instruments: Walks or rides along pipelines and observes terrain for evidence of leaks, such as decayed vegetation, gas odor, and water bubbles. Drives bar into ground at intervals near pipe, using sledgehammer, preparatory to testing subsurface for traces of gas. Inserts combustible-gas indicator-probe into hole and reads indicator to determine location of leak. Inspects exposed pipes in buildings, manholes, vaults, and valve boxes for leaks, using combustible indicator. Notifies maintenance department of location and condition of facilities inspected and tested. May make temporary repairs, using repair dope or gastight clamps. May drive vehicle equipped with detection devices to aid in locating leaks.