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Gas Inspector

Inspect equipment and facilities used to store and transport natural gases.

What does a Gas Inspector do?

Inspects equipment and facilities used to store, transport, distribute, and measure liquefied petroleum or compressed or natural gas: Examines establishment inspection records to determine that establishment inspection schedule and remedial actions conform with procedures and regulations. Examines containers, piping, tubing, and fittings for leaks and for adherence to government specifications for pressure level, design, construction, and installation. Examines and tests components and support systems, such as relief valves, steam vaporizers, safety devices, electrical equipment, exhaust systems, and vehicles, for conformance to standards and regulations. Connects test equipment, using handtools, and tests calibration of meters and gauges. Inspects above and below ground gas mains to determine that rate of flow, pressure, location, construction, or installation conform to establishment or regulated standards. Maintains records and prepares reports of results of inspections. Discusses and explains procedures and regulations or need for corrective action with establishment or regulatory agency personnel. May be designated according to function, agency, or establishment where employed as Division Field Inspector; Gas Inspector, Liquefied.